Han Chiang University College Of Communication | Diploma in Chinese Studies
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Diploma in Chinese Studies

About The Programme

The Diploma in Chinese Studies aims at producing quality graduates in the fields of Chinese language, literature and culture so as to upgrade the academic standards of professionals in Chinese culture and education in the country.


January, April, August


Two and a half years


Not Available

Programme Structure

Year 1(第一学年)

  • Fundamental of Writing(基础写作)
  • General History of China (I)(中国通史 (一))
  • General History of China (II)(中国通史 (二))
  • History of Chinese Literature (I)(中国文学史(一))
  • History of Chinese Literature (II)(中国文学史(二))
  • Introduction to Chinese Culture(中国文化概论)
  • Introduction to Chinese Studies (I)(中国概论(一))
  • Introduction to Chinese Studies (II)(中国概论(二))
  • Classical Chinese (I)(古代汉语(一))
  • Classical Chinese (II)(古代汉语(二))
  • Computer Software Application(电脑应用)
  • Bahasa Malaysia A/B
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Time Management
  • The Morality of Ethics
  • Pengajian Malaysia 2
  • Co-Curriculum

Year 2 (第二学年)

  • Selected Readings in Classical Chinese Prose(文选)
  • Malaysian Chinese Literature(马华文学)
  • History of Chinese Thought(中国思想史)
  • Selected Readings in Tang & Song Poetry(唐宋诗词选)
  • Contemporary & Modern Chinese Literature (I)(中国现当代文学(一))
  • Contemporary & Modern Chinese Literature中国现当代文学(二 ))(II)
  • Introduction to Literature(文学概论)
  • Introduction to Linguistics(语言学概论)
  • Modern Chinese Language(现代汉语)
  • Selected Readings in Ming & Qing Novels(明清小说选)
  • Hong Kong & Taiwan Chinese Literature(港台文学)

Year 3 (第三学年)

  • Malaysian Chinese Society & Culture(马华社会与文化)
  • Research Practice(论文习作)

Electives (选修课程)

  • Phonology(音韵学)
  • Philology(文字学)
  • Selected Readings in Yuan Songs (Yuan Qu)(元曲)
  • Selected Readings in Malaysian Chinese Personalities(马华人物选读)
  • Introduction to Chinese Folk Beliefs(华人民间信仰概论)
  • Introduction to Buddhism(佛学概论)
  • Basic News Reporting & Writing(初级采访)


There is a wide range of career opportunities for graduates in Chinese Studies, such as in education, professional writing, media and communication industries, social services, academic research, secretarial profession, administration, website design etc.

  • 传播出版
  • 公关
  • 行政
  • 秘书
  • 中文网页资料处理

The distinctive features of the School of Chinese Studies at Han Chiang College:

  • Han Chiang College is the first not-for-profit tertiary education institution with a Chinese Heritage Centre.
  • The Centre houses a good collection of books, magazines, journals and research publications. Thus, it is an ideal centre for scholars and students who wish to research into Chinese culture or the Chinese community in Penang.

Partner Universities


  • Nanjing University
  • Tsinghua University
  • Jinan University
  • Jilin University
  • Guangxi University
  • Huaqiao University
  • Huazhong Normal University
  • Xiamen University
  • Shanghai University


  • National Cheng Kung University
  • Feng Chia University
  • Ming Chuan University
  • Fu Jen University
  • Tamkang University
  • Shih Hsin University
  • Yuan Ze University
  • Chinese Culture University
  • Tunghai University
  • Mingdao University

Entry Requirement (入学要求)

  • SPM 3 Credits, UEC 3 Credits or equivalent, including Bahasa Cina (华文); Bahasa Malaysia(马来文) & Sejarah (历史) Compulsory Pass
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